“Doctor Khalsa is extremely dedicated to the work he does and is always up to date on the latest research. I can’t speak highly enough of his character. He is extremely knowledgeable about Post Concussive Syndrome and the complications it can cause, and he took in all the little details of my case to create a treatment plan for me. I was 3 months into my head injury when I saw Doctor Khalsa and I could not tolerate any light, had been wearing earplugs nonstop, and was experiencing migraines almost every day. Doctor Khalsa did some ocular testing and cervical joint position testing to evaluate where I was. He was able to explain my symptoms and why they were happening. Doctor Khalsa gave me a beam of hope in a time in my life where I was completely in the dark. He also was able to reduce my pain in every session I had with him saving me many ER trips. He has been helpful in a wide range of my diagnoses from Post Concussive Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), to knee pain. Doctor Khalsa is truly a humanistic practitioner who takes the whole person into account and I highly recommend him. “



“I hurt my neck while on vacation at a theme park and was stuck in a "zombie walk" for weeks. I went to physical therapy, had epidural steroid injections, and different pain medicines for months but nothing was getting better. I was so frustrated and tired of being in pain and I went back to my doctor to tell her things weren't progressing. While I was there she said I should go see Ryan because he is very thorough and has help a lot of people before. She called him and he made an opening to see me that day and spent two hours going through everything to figure out the source of pain and what would be causing it. It turns out I had been misdiagnosed from the beginning and not getting the right treatment. Due to his thoroughness and commitment I was able to get the chiropractic treatment I needed and now I'm doing great with just regular, routine checkups. Anything I have come to him with he's been able to help and give relief. I have recommended him to many of my friends and colleagues and will continue to recommend him.”


“I highly recommend Dr. Khalsa. He identified a previous misdiagnosis and has greatly helped me on the road to recovery. He is extremely knowledgeable and answers all my questions in terms I can understand. “



“He has helped me greatly. Saved me from needing to take medications for a nerve issue. I highly recommend Dr. Khalsa!”


“I would recommend, Dr. Ryan Khalsa, to all seeking Chiropractic work. I went to him for damaged
nerves in my right hand, due to a broken wrist and other assorted kinks. There has been a marked
difference in my hand since consulting his practice. Now, I don't even notice any problem. He is very pleasant and knowledgeable about his field.”


Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
— Hippocrates